Response to Based on your pool size you need a Gallon per minute rating (GPM) of 52 GPM's to turn your pool over in an 8 hour time period, I show that your current Challenger pump outputs roughly 60 GPM's and we show that the part # you provided for your current pump is for a 1 HP. The sand filter you have has a GPM rating or 62 GPM's where the large Sta Rite filter has a GPM rating of 110 GPM's. The uprated WFE-26 pump outputs a GPM of 80 and the Full Rate WFE-6 pump has a GPM of 100. With all of this being said I would suggest going with the WFE-26 if you are going to stay with your current set up and swap out to the Sta Rite filter as the current sand filter can only handle 62 GPM's if you do intend on adding water features or see the need for the increased GPM's in the near future then I would go with the WFE-6 and swapping out to the S8M150. Lastly note that the amp draw is less on the WFE-26 so your operational cost would be roughly 20% less then that of the WFE-6. You may view or p

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