Response to Some areas of the country require a low voltage 12 Volt light, others a 120 Volt Light, so before installing a light it is best to find out what your local code states. If you do not know the code in your area you can always install a 12 Volt light to be on the safe side. Typically you have 120V power coming from your house when using a 12 Volt light you would purchase a transformer to drop the voltage coming from the house down from 120V to 12V going to the light, so now you have less voltage going to the light. If you do not know your voltage, try the following techniques to find this information: 1.) Look on the face of the light bulb for the voltage rating. 2.) Look to see if you have a transformer wired before the light. If you have transformer then you have a 12 Volt Light. 3.) Check the light housing where the cord connects, there will be a label specification of your light. The brightness of a 12V and 120V will be the same.

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