Response to Hello Fran.  The Century Motors B2841V1 is a single speed 1.0 HP, 1.65 total horsepower (THP) Full Rate Energy Efficient motor.  Even though the motor is 1.0 HP, the Service Factor is 1.65.  Horsepower X Service Factor = THP.  1.0 HP X 1.65 SF = 1.65 THP   The Century Motors B2854 is a single speed 1.5HP, 1.65 THP Up Rate Standard Efficiency motor.  1.5 HP X 1.1SF= 1.65 THP.  Energy Efficient versus Standard Efficiency references the rated amperage draw (electricity usage) of the individual motor.  The B2841V1 is rated for 14.8 amps @ 115V, 7.4 amps @ 230V.  The B2854 is rated at 16.0 amps @ 115V, 8.0 amps @ 230V.  The B2841V1 uses less electricity, costing less to operate.

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